Best Gaming Mouse Black Friday Deals

​​As we all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming and it is the best week to purchase anything you want, and every gamer's dream is to buy the best gaming mouse, gaming keyboard and gaming headphone in the market. So we are here to provide you the ​Best Gaming Mouse Black Friday Deals all over the internet and if you are interested in buying a gaming mouse then its the best time to invest your hard-earned money.

​​Everyone loves to play games, and if you are one of ​those gamers who play pc games such as counter-strike, call of duty, battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege or any fps or multiplayer game, then you need a gaming mouse because​ a gaming mouse will have lower latency ​​compared to a regular mouse. It comes with better software to customize the tweaking, and it supports high DPI ​settings.

​A perfect gaming mouse in contrast to a standard mouse also uses sensors which keep up with faster movements. If you are a gamer who play more intense games (not like the solitaire or pinball), you must ​have a proper gaming mouse to get most of the advantage then other players. However, the question is which gaming mouse is best?

But before buying a Gaming Mouse let me tell you something that​ What should you look for when you're purchasing the best gaming mouse.

​1. Comfort: buy a gaming mouse that is comfortable for your hands and fits perfectly under your palm, as we all know people have different size of palms, and gaming mouse comes with different size to meet your needs.

​2. Software & Functionality: Gaming Mouses are known for their Software & Functionality because they provide more buttons and functions compared to a regular mouse. Depends on the usage of the user a gaming mouse can have 8-12 buttons and can switch the dpi from 400-12000. Gaming mouse also provides ​Fully programmable buttons to save different options to the button of the mouse.

3. Built Quality: a good quality gaming mouse is built to last long cause ​of aggressive usage by gamers, so only buy a decent brand gaming mouse don't purchase any Chinese OEM gaming mouse that gives you blindness of RGB.

​Product Name




​Cooler Master MM​710

​Pixart 3389

​53 grams

​Glorious Model O

​Pixart 3360

​58 grams

​FinalMouse Ultralight 2


​47 grams

​​BenQ Zowie FK2

​Avago 3310

​91 grams

​Logitech G Pro Wireless


​80 gram

​SteelSeries Rival 710

​SteelSeries TrueMove3

​135 gram


​optical sensor

​103 gram

​Corsair M65 Pro RGB



​Logitech G502 Hero


​121 gram

​Razer DeathAdder Chroma

​optical sensor

​105 gram

Cooler Master is well known between pro gamers and the gaming community for their unmatched quality and reliable products, So once again Cooler master came up with their latest gaming mouse​MM​710​​ which is world's lightest gaming mouse in the market which weights only 53 grams.

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​​​​Cooler Master ​MM​710​​ chassis  is designed on the trendy ​honeycomb design which makes this mouse so light weight and perfect for fps gamers who wants light weight mouse for the flicks and fast movements.


  • ​Feels great to use.
  • ​Top-notch optical sensor.
  • ​Extremely low weight.
  • ​Honeycomb design keeps hand coo


  • ​Feels a hair too small.
  • ​Looks a little odd.
  • ​Over all Quality is not so good
  • ​Small size for large hand user

​Glorious Model O is a delight to the gamer community as it is the world’s lightest RGB gaming mouse. It is a pretty simple peripheral. It is a wired, six-button gaming mouse suitable for right-handed person. The buttons are located on the right and left, clickable scroll wheel and a middle button on top that cycles the DPI settings. The Honeycomb design not only aided the product to get a feather-light weight and durability but also makes it look more aesthetically pleasing. The matte version of the product weighs 67gms, while the glassy version of the product weighs 68gms. Looking at the features of the product, it is a total “value for money” kinda mouse.


  • ​Low price
  • ​Light weight at 67 grams
  • ​Amazingly soft cable
  • ​Really nice RGB
  • ​2 year warranty


  • ​Slight creak on the sides
  • ​Ton of glorious branding, stealth version would be super nice

​As the name suggests, FinalMouse Ultralight2 indeed is “ultra-light”. It weighs 47gms only! Well, that’s not it about it. It is On top of it, you can build it in 13,000+ shapes and sizes with their propreitary foam solid synthetic “Infinity Skin”. It enables the user to tune down to their preferred size of mouse. ​The raw composite shell can never be damaged. You can use water, googone, whatever you want to remove trace amounts of InfinitySkin residue, and it won’t damage the mouse.

​It was built to be lighter, it was built to be better, it was built to work in tandem with InfinitySkin. At this point of time, getting a FinalMouse is really hard and expensive to get but something you really should get your hands on. This is a recommended mouse if you claw and fingertip and ofcourse.


  • ​Ultra light for real: 48 grams without the foam skin
  • ​Thinner, still soft braided cable
  • ​Improved scroll wheel
  • ​Great buttons
  • ​Good build quality, no flex


  • ​Hard to find and expensive
  • ​Infinity skin is ugly and adds a good mount of weight
  • ​Sensor only runs at 500Hz

​BenQ Zowie is nothing like the above mentioned gaming mouses. It is a very simple and minimalistic design. There are no flashy RGB lights or anything, almost similar to the normal office-like mouse. The best part about it is that it is a wireless mouse. It comes with two buttons on each side, ​with only two working at a time depending on whether you’re right or left handed.


  • ​One of the best mouse shapes available
  • ​Highly tactile mouse buttons
  • ​Great feet
  • ​Flexible rubber cord


  • ​Sensor is good, not great like other gaming mice coming out today
  • ​Heavy clicks might be fatiguing for games other than shooters
  • ​Noisy scroll wheel and clicks

​Like mentioned by Logitech, G Pro Wireless is “the ultimate gaming mouse for esports professionals”. Logitech has crammed its latest technology HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor into it and Lightspeed wireless technology that makes this mouse stand out! This mouse also features a truly innovative ambidextrous design. You get buttons on both sides, but you can remove the ones you don’t want – such as those that would sit underneath your little finger – making it a mouse that left-handed and right-handed users can both use without compromise. It’s a bold approach to mouse design, but it’s one that has well and truly paid off. Due to its amazing features, G Pro makes itself a strong contender in thw world of gaming. 


  • ​Supremely comfortable
  • ​Fantastic sensor performance
  • ​8 Programmable Buttons


  • ​Too small for some
  • ​High price
  • ​Lacks Aesthetics

​Rival 710 is a wired right-handed mouse with seven buttons. On top, you have left- and right-clickers, a clickable scroll wheel, and an extra button just below it, which defaults to switch between two resolution settings. On the side there are two more buttons that are located below the mouse. It is a large mouse and it is a good thing as it adds to the comfort of gamers. The Rival 710 has haptic feedback system that enables the user to set a timer and, in some games, key events like losing health or running time or ammo.

​But, again, only a few games enable this feature so it isn’t something to be very excited about. One of the best features about Rival 700 is its modular design. Several parts of the mouse can be swapped and replaced with alternative parts. If you see yourself taking an advantage of Rival 710 eccentries very often, it is a must buy!


  • ​Excellent build quality
  • ​Customisability options
  • ​Tactile alerts


  • ​Thumb button –  Extra inaccessible button
  • ​Price – Extra features come at a price.
  • ​Weight – Could be considered too heavy for some.

​ASUS ROG Pugio is an excellent choice in respect to a gamer in every aspect. It has a remarkable sensor, nuilt-in memory, switches and a multi-coloured backlight.  The remarkability of Pugio, as well as practically the whole modern ROG-series of gaming mice, consists in the possibility of easy disassembly of the case and quick replacement of switches. Mouse switches and buttons, especialy gaming ones, take most of the abuse. With high quality Omron mouse switches that are rated to last around 50 million clicks, the ROG Pugio is meant to last.  

​In addition, users can customize it for use with both left and right hand, thanks to removable magnetic panels of additional keys. It truly is a wonder! These features make it a great choice for casual gamers.


  • ​Nice design
  • ​AURA RGB lighting
  • ​On-fly DPI switching
  • ​Advanced 7200DPI optical sensor
  • ​Nice ROG Armoury software package


  • ​Pricy
  • ​The vibrate function of the Rival 710 isn't compatible with all games
  • ​Anomalous accuracy at higher CPI levels
  • ​May not suit those who like to grip with their palm.

​The Corsair M65 PRO RGB is a sturdy alluminium device. This device has a lot to offer as long as you’re a right-handed, FPS gamer. It offers an insanely accurate sensor, a lot of customisation options, weight tuning options and an extremely solid build quality. Hard to think of something better than the Corsair M65 Pro RGB. This mouse, with its 18,000 DPI sensor, dedicated sniper button and reliable Omron switches makes it an easy recommendation for any shooter fans out there.

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​And, with the customizable RGB lighting and absolutely gorgeous design, it’s easy to see why this is one of the best gaming mice on the market.


  • ​Great optical sensor
  • ​Excellent build quality
  • ​Dedicated sniper button
  • ​Good weight adjustment system
  • ​CUE software is extremely flexible for both beginners and enthusiasts


  • ​No carrying case for unused weights
  • ​Side panel corner may bother some users
  • ​Not very nice for people with small palms
  • ​odd DPI indicato

​For the brilliant performance this mouse gives, and the incredible flexibility provided by all its buttons and weight customization, we give it a solid thumbs up. It is dark, moody and very much batmobile-like. The Hero sensor boasts a higher max DPI and max tracking speed. And, the TrueMove 3+ adds a secondary sensor that takes accurate mouse control to the next level with advanced liftoff detection. The G502 boasted a dual-mode scroll wheel, allowing you to switch between a notched and smooth scroll.

​It is a great choice for FPS gaming where you wanna switch weapons quickly and precisely, while having a smooth scroll. Though, the
weight of the mouse is a bit more than usual gaming mouses, it does not cause a hinderance to the gamers by impeding the movement. The comfort and construction of the Logitecg G502 Hero is top-notch.


  • ​Flawless performance
  • ​Glides well despite heavy weight
  • ​Best scroll wheel ever
  • ​RGB lighting
  • Lorem ispum prior nunc labore


  • ​Extra buttons prone to accidental misclicks
  • ​Bit of an underwhelming update
  • ​Design isn't ideal for multiple grips
  • ​More expensive than the previous model, but not much has changed

​Razer’s DeathAdder has been an all-purpose gaming mice consistently over the years now and each and every design of it is nothing but astounding. The DeathAdder Chroma keeps up with that trend. It has a colourful lighting option and an even better sensitivity while still being very simple and minimalist. The mouse is relatively small and consists of five buttons: right button, left button, clickable scroll wheel and two thumb buttons. All the buttons are easily clickable and have enough resistance.

​The functionality of the mouse is vast and you can control it all using the Razer Synapse 2.0 Software. Not to forget, you can also adjust the DPI sensitivity ranging from 200 to 10,000. If you are a fan of DeathAdder or are looking for a high-end gaming mouse, this should be your buy!


  • ​Great ergonomics, extremely comfortable
  • ​Relatively affordable
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Rubbered texture grips


  • ​No on-board memory
  • ​Left-handed version not updated to Chroma yet
  • ​No weight adjustment

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