Best Black Friday TV Deals

TVs are one of the basic requirement of a perfect house, which gives the house it's worth.

If you are looking for a TV for your house, then this is the perfect destination for you. Getting a perfect TV with many features (such as 4K ultra HD picture clarity, Google assistant and Alexa, Ethernet, HDMI support) can be hard to find at low prices. Since these features are seen only in the higher price-range devices. Thanks to Black Friday TV Deals, which provides various option to select TV of your own preference and choice with added above mentioned features too.

Following are some of the handpicked collection of the TV for Black Friday TV Deals.

Product Name

​Product Dimensions



​​TCL 50S425

​44. 1" X 25. 7" X 3. 2"

​23.6 pounds

​​Sony X950G

​48 3/8 x 30 5/8 x 10 7/8 inch

​41.9 pounds


​48.3 x 27.8 x 1.8 inches


​​Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA

​12.3 x 57.4 x 36.1 inches

​58.2 pounds

​​Samsung UN55RU7300FXZA

​48.7 x 10.3 x 31.2 in

​40.8 lbs

  • ​50-inch screen supporting High Dynamic Range (HDR) which delivers vibrant and accurate colours and 4K ULTRA HD resolution to provide better clarity and specification of the object.
  • ​Supports Google Assistant and Alexa to work on voice command.
  • ​Stream movies and web shows (over 500000) across a thousand channels on Roku TV. Using Roku TV, it is possible to stream and watch almost all shows and web shows available over the air.
  • ​In-built Wi-Fi connectivity to share and stream video files also 3 HDMI 2.0 ports for input. (which include HDCP 2. 2, 1 USB (media player), RF, Composite, Headphone Jack, Optical Audio Out, Ethernet)
  • ​120 Hz CMI refresh rate.
  • ​Cast Youtube or another streaming site from your phone to the TV and enjoy it over the headphone. You can even cast your mobile to watch offline videos and images from the mobile device.
  • ​Slim and compact remote to provide easier navigation and fit in hand perfectly.


  • ​Affordable
  • ​Fairly accurate colors
  • ​Roku TV platform has lots of features
  • ​Low input lag
  • ​Great for gaming


  • ​Dim panel
  • ​Color range isn't particularly wide
  • ​Not 120-hertz as advertised
  • ​Sony X950G is another 4K by Sony which provides HDR and supports a 4K resolution to provide awesome picture quality with detailed observation in the picture and as well as in audio.
  • ​Can be considered a good choice for gamers since it provides almost no lag in video and audio.
  • ​The build quality of this TV is a very good and also the same and thin border with average thickness, which enhances the look of this product and adds neatness to its design.
  • ​The temperature is divided on the screen evenly. Also, it doesn’t rise much above the average temperature (that is 30 ℃).
  • ​Sony X950G has great picture quality which provides great colour effects and bright HDR performance. Although, it is still less than that of other Sony TV models such as X900. Still, the picture quality is almost the same in comparison and is free from temporary image retention.


  • ​Can get very bright
  • ​Excellent out-of-the box color accuracy
  • ​Great motion handling
  • ​Decent HDR performance
  • ​Good motion handling during sporting events and fast-paced movie scenes


  • ​Image loses accuracy when viewed at an angle
  • ​IPS panel reduces contrast and black levels
  • ​No Dolby Vision HDR support

It is one of the best smart TV because of the numerous features it offers, such as:

  • ​Using ThinQ (Artificial Intelligence) as a feature through which you can control home device on your voice commands, using Google Assistant.
  • ​Get surrounded yourself by sound and experience another level of sound quality. Using Dolby-Atmos, it makes you feel to be centred and experience sound from different directions.
  • ​4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Ethernet and Audio return channel support to make the TV smarter to input devices through its ports.
  • ​Control 8.3 million pixels individually by its pixel level dimming feature which makes it possible to get the completely black colour on your screen.
  • ​Control the screen using Motion Control to navigate around the TV and can also use the scroll wheel to move up and down through many apps and thumbnails.


  • ​Perfect black levels with excellent contrast
  • ​Striking glass front makes the screen look like it's floating
  • ​Google Assistant included
  • ​Ultra thin display with minimal bezels
  • ​Excellent motion handling


  • ​Expensive even for an OLED TV.
  • ​Colors are a bit cool out of the box
  • ​No 3D support
  • ​With the highest native contrast ratio, it can deliver one of the finest black colour, which makes fine picture quality of the screen.
  • ​Also, it shows great colour quality and grey uniformity across the screen to give a detailed specification of the image with detailed colour.
  • ​This 65-inch TV has an almost plain border with an average thickness which makes it look a good choice for the money
  • ​The TV possesses good build quality where the external body is made entirely of plastic and has no gaps in between the surface.
  • ​The temperature is divided unevenly on the screen, as the lower portion has a higher temperature as compared to the upper one. Also, the maximum temperature rises above the average temperature by the order of 10℃.


  • ​4K HDR and AquoMotion technology for lifelike picture quality
  • ​Comes with a bunch of useful preinstalled apps.
  • ​DBX sound technology for clearer and crisper sound.


  • ​The TV may develop clouding down the road.
  • ​Experience one of the finest curve TV, which gives an awesome viewing experience by optimizing the TV performance using 4K UHD processor.
  • ​Get immense detailed picture quality with HDR support. The HDR supports many colours and in more details than any other HDR.
  • ​The auto-depth enhancer makes the experience with curve TV more ambient and realism in the picture quality.
  • ​The navigation in the TV is so simpler, that it is effortless to learn it and work on it. This TV has one of the simplest navigation and user control.


  • ​Motion Rate 120: Smooth action on fast-moving content
  • ​Modern and polished, the sleek curved design
  • ​Sync your TV to your smartphone to control your content on the big screen.


  • ​TV doesn’t have a Bluetooth capability
  • ​No Ambient Mode
  • ​Lack 360° Design 


TV is one of the basic requirements of our home, and also it is the only thing where we spend most of the time. To get a better experience from your TV, you need to upgrade it and make it smarter by replacing it with a Smart TV, whose function is not only limited to deliver only some set of channels.

A smart TV can do much better functions such as streaming web platforms (such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and many more) and also you can mirror to your device by casting it to the TV. It gives another level of experience to the users and the gamers to play games on it with almost no lag. along with these, you can also get many features such as Motion Control and Scroll Wheel to navigate through different apps and sections of the TV. It makes a Smart TV to differ a lot from a regular TV in almost every field of entertainment.

Black Friday TV Deals is one of the finest and easiest ways which provides opportunities to grab these TV deals at maximum discount.